Mobile concrete mixer on trailer

A revolutionary system for the concrete industry. Our mobile concrete mixer is all the rage across Europe and America due to its unique design. It gives concrete producers mobility and a simple way to handle materials, not found in any other design for mobile concrete. The batching system contributes greatly to the efficient design of this mobile concrete mixer. Its ingenious construction adds a strength and a capacity for expansion as a batch plant.

Our mobile concrete mixer on a trailer offers an affordable, convenient, and flexible alternative for difficult situations that require quality concrete.

Our mobile concrete mixer’s simple construction requires only simple maintenance; its small size means it can be used on any job site, especially on rugged terrain, that may not be accessible to a concrete truck or a job site too far away for a conventional concrete plan.


Specifications of our model 400

Description : capacity of the material loading area : 3.8 m3
Production : 23 m3 per hour
Aggregate : Maximum of 40 mm (1,5 inches )
Mixer : 8 ft. long by 10 inches wide
Weight : 3 500 kg ( 7 700 lbs)
Digital computer for calibration and meter for the concrete
Auxiliary diesel engine of 40 to 60 Hp
Possibility of electric engine
Can be mounted on a trailer, a truck or on skids

Available options

Injection system for the mixture
Variable colour pouring system
Digital water counter—totalizer and flow rate
Hydraulic vibrator for the sand and cement feeder
Assembly options for truck

European and North American contact:
Romain Chartrand at 514 326-0365 our mobile concrete mixer expert will be able to answer all your questions and will direct you to one of our many American or European distributors.